Display Scrollbar on this Site

This site hides the scrollbar by default as a stylistic choice.

I have found Pale Moon cannot properly render my site because of this. I have attempted to fix this via detecting their user-agent and serving specific CSS, but some users may spoof their user-agent. If you are one of these people, or you use a browser I'm not aware of with the same problem, or you just like it better with one - using this allows you to view the site normally, with a scrollbar.

Warning: This implementation uses cookies. Your browser must be capable of at least utilising first-party cookies. This cookie tells me absolutely nothing about you, and is not logged anywhere - it merely means that you have visited this page.

You can unset this option by entering 'document.cookies="scrollbar=false"' into your browser's JavaScript console, or otherwise clearing the cookies. It will automatically expire 30 days after your last visit of this page.

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