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Once you eliminate the impossible… whatever remains must be the truth. No matter how improbable it may seem.

Well, This is Awkward.

So, been a good few months.

Where you been Astoria?

Well, mostly I have… not been tending to this website thats what.
This does not mean I have been resting on my feet!

So whats different

  1. I have switched to linux. (Mint specifically!)
  2. I lost the source code to this website when I switched to linux.
  3. I learned myself some better programming.
  4. I tried installing Bedrock Linux, goofed,
    and reinstalled Linux Mint, then properly installed Bedrock.
  5. I installed a different linux. (Arch specifically!)
  6. Started working on a discord bot for a friends server.
  7. Actually learned how to use an IDE.
  8. Stopped trying to use VIM (Don’t use vim. I beg you.)
    and switched to VSCode.
  9. Remembered this website exists.
  10. Started writing this new version of the site.

Why would you ever use vim?

The ability to use it over SSH.
VSCode can do that too (I am doing it right now!)
Switch to VSCode. I beg you.
# Back to the point.
Oh yes, this is dragging on for a fair bit.
Most of the Minecraft server have been replaced.
(And why were they ever listed, they are mostly proprietary packs.)</sub>

Anything actually useful to know?

Oh I know! Introducing the local Gitea sever!
Its basically github but it goes down when this site does, feel free to use it I guess.</sub>

Closing notes

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